Consumer Electronics

During 5 years of our existence in the field we managed to accomplish hundreds of localization projects in dozens of fields. Information Technology, including Websites, Software and Hardware, Mobile phones, Consumer electronics, Medicine and Life Sciences, Law, E-commerce, Marketing, Automotive and Heavy Industry, Military Equipment, e-learning and Training Materials , Aviation are only a couple of them. With our team of in-house and freelance translators we are capable of handling localization in virtually all fields and areas, both into Modern Standard Arabic and numerous Arabic dialects.

Since the beginning of the miniaturization of electronics, many devices that were invented only to give people entertainment or make their lives easier have become integral parts of our existence. Portables such as gaming and health care devices, music players and digital cameras can be carried everywhere and allow both the young and old to express themselves and to share their interests and passions with others.

Thanks to technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Ethernet, devices are able to provide even more entertainment and allow an interaction of a greater number of people. Therefore, localization is an indispensable step to remain an important player in the market for many companies. With MidLocalize transferring any CE product to the Middle East area is a quick and easy process. Here are some of the devices we can localize for you.

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