Quality Assurance

One of the hallmarks of our MidLocalize service is our dedicated QC team. It consists of professional experts who have long-term experience in the localization field, whether it be software engineering, linguistic expertise or graphic design. All of them have the proper academic background, hold degrees and various diplomas and certificates backed by years of real-world practice.

They review and validate every deliverable through our comprehensive Quality Assurance procedure which uses rigorous testing of every word, page, screen and function we produce. This ensures that our localized products meet the highest industry standards. The QC procedures include many types of project examination and after every test a QA form is generated and all problematic issues are highlighted. The form is then sent to the translators and engineers to make the appropriate alterations and to use as a future reference.

MidLocalize is compliant with the industry’s translation and localization standards that ensure a high quality for all our projects.

MidLocalize staff selection criteria

To make sure our service meets all industry standards, we apply strict criteria starting with the selection of our testers and experts to finishing a project with visual verification.

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