Project Management

At MidLocalize we have both an individual and complex approach to every project. Before starting the localization we examine all components of the project, and the programs and tools that we are going to use. Then we assign professionals for translation, reviewing and testing.

Since every localization project is different and requires exclusive treatment, we are always eager to learn as much as possible about each of your needs, preferences and the specific requirements of your business. When all the information about the project’s type, files formats and deadlines are collected, we begin to allocate our teams of linguist specialists and technicians.

If any doubts or questions arise  during the process, the Project Manager immediately discusses it with you and keeps you informed about the progress through the whole localization cycle.

The high standards of our deliverables are maintained by our Quality Control and Quality Assurance policy and testing. Also, a Translation Memory is created for each project and provided to the client along with the final delivery. When the project is completed, all deliverables are archived and the client is asked to give their feedback.

Project Understanding
  • Understanding project’s nature
  • Treating the project as a whole
Creating project’s blueprint
  • Estimating resources
  • Dealing with special requirements
  • Proposing quotation
  • Preparing project’s schedule
Internal meeting
with teams’ leaders
  • Collecting necessary technical information from the teams
  • Raising doubts of subject matter
with client
  • Confirming the deliverables
  • Answering teams’ questions
Post-project evaluation
  • Updating TMs and termbases
  • Archiving
  • Client’s feedback revision
  • Efficiency evaluation
Project delivery
  • May include client’s own revision, In this case the project is resent to us after changes
Final revision
  • Independent reviewing executing QA
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Testing
  • DTP
Project realization
  • Giving instructions to the teams
  • Creating status reports
  • Creating TMs
  • Keeping client updated

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