Mobile Phones

During 5 years of our existence in the field we managed to accomplish hundreds of localization projects in dozens of fields. Information Technology, including Websites,Software and HardwareMobile phonesConsumer electronics, Medicine and Life Sciences, Law, E-commerce, Marketing, Automotive and Heavy Industry, Military Equipment, e-learning and Training Materials , Aviation are only a couple of them. With our team of in-house and freelance translators we are capable of handling localization in virtually all fields and areas, both into Modern Standard Arabic and numerous Arabic dialects.

It is rather difficult to imagine life today without a mobile phone. Even in the most remote regions of the globe mobile telephony is becoming more and more common. Mobile phones penetration of the Middle Eastern region is rapidly growing and it is expected that by 2015 smartphone sales in that area will increase by 39%. Cisco’s forecast predicts that mobile traffic growth in Africa and the Middle East will be the strongest in the world and will reach 70% by 2018.

The solutions offered by those technologies are attempting to meet various demands, very often those of people in need. Voice recognition mobile technology used in Morocco, food vouchers issued on mobiles for refugees in Syria, water technologies usage combined with mobile phone apps implemented in Egypt are only few examples that prove this impact of mobile devices on the Middle East. Therefore, the importance of mobile technology localization into these markets becomes a must. Being familiar with both: trends in the mobile phone industry as well as the local end users’ preferences and needs, it’s our duty to choose the best localization solutions for our clients. 

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