In today’s networked world, most popular sites are moving towards providing culturally and linguistically localized web content which attracts users from different locales. Both businesses and individuals throughout the world now depend on computers, electronic devices, software applications and the Internet for their work and daily needs. Therefore, big companies can no longer �afford to neglect their multi-lingual audience.

According to Common Sense Advisory, a globalization and localization industry survey centre, Arabic is “the most underserved language on prominent websites around the world”. That’s why MidLocalize actively uses all the means at their disposal to help companies reach the huge Arabic-speaking market. We are happy to share our experience and knowledge of Middle Eastern markets and discuss with clients the best solutions to transfer their content to that new locale.

Our clients can rest assured that every localization project is handled with the greatest care and attention and that during all phases of the process we ensure all the necessary�quality control metrics.

Need a well harmonised marketing campaign for your product? Want to make sure the Arabic User Interface is free of bugs? We can take on the whole localization process starting with the translation and finishing with the product testing. Feel free to ask us for more details.

Exemplary localization process:

We provide a full range of localization services from translation, engineering, compilation, QA, testing, debugging, packaging, and our teams include experts in adapting double-byte and Unicode pages�for operating systems, platforms, and software applications.

Files Compilation
Translation’s Revision
SW files sent to translators
Final QA
Online Help Testing
Online Help Engineering
SW Engineering & Testing
Translation of Online Help & Documentation
This is done when the software glossary is created to ensure usage of the same terminology as in the software itself
Files Handling
Getting familiar with required platforms, tools formats. Files are checked for completeness, existence of previously localized version, operating system glossaries
In this step engineers check the translated files for technical correctness and completeness and replace teh source language with the new translation.
Translators work with Translation Memories and industry localization tools
Test-compilation of the source software flags compilation and configuration problems, missing files and validity of the compiled executables.
- Localization testing
- Linguistic testing
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