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Why MidLocalize

The international face of industry and business has been going through a major change as the effects of global competition and the dynamic changes in consumers’ tastes are now truly being seen. Production is being diversified and major industries, such as computing, telecommunications, automotive and health care are now turning to the newly emerging consumer markets with their products.

Companies are, therefore, searching for partners to help them succeed in these new global markets. They are looking for partners to assist in application development and maintenance, to provide outsourced testing across multiple locations, and to localize their products and services to suit these new cultures, languages, and infrastructures.

And this is what we do at MidLocalize.
Based in the heartland of an area that once hosted the great Greek, Arabic, Persian and Turkish civilizations, and being located in one of the first Arab countries to bring development and progress to the whole Arab World, our company takes advantage of having the most thorough knowledge of the cultures, languages and societies in this region. 
Thanks to our location on the crossroads of western invention and investment and the rich Middle Eastern culture, we are the perfect partner to turn to when your plan is to conquer new oriental markets and need solid expertise backed by years of experience.
So if you want to make sure your project is handled by experts, don’t hesitate to request from us a free quote and we will do everything to meet both your deadline and your budget.
A growing number of clients have expressed their satisfaction and gratitude over taking their projects through this challenging yet thrilling process of trans-creation and we will be happy to add you to that circle!
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