Information Technology

During 5 years of our existence in the field we managed to accomplish hundreds of localization projects in dozens of fields. Information Technology, including Websites, Software and Hardware, Mobile phones, Consumer electronics, Medicine and Life Sciences, Law, E-commerce, Marketing, Automotive and Heavy Industry, Military Equipment, e-learning and Training Materials , Aviation are only a couple of them. With our team of in-house and freelance translators we are capable of handling localization in virtually all fields and areas, both into Modern Standard Arabic and numerous Arabic dialects.

MidLocalize has completed many highly technical projectsfor the biggest Information Technology companies and manufacturers and proved its flexibility and competence in the domain of efficient project managing and meeting deadlines. Very often IT localization requires great knowledge about different format conversionsand tool compatibilities. Our staff is well-experienced in working with many programs and platforms and undergoes seasonal training in new localization tools.

They follow all the current trends in the IT industry and guarantee their best service in translating and localizing every type of consumer electronics as well as computer software and hardware. This includes instructions, user guides, user interface, user assistance and product specifications.

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